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    Sometimes I get sent an email that contains really great information, but before I get a chance to read it, it gets buried under a pile of things to do.

    But now, thanks to this Blog, the info in the email - all about the Internet of Things (by McKinsey, IBM, Harvard Business School, The Economist, CISCO and several others) - will see the light of day!


    Exploring the potential of the “Internet of Things”
    From: McKinsey IoT Webcast
    Report from McKinsey & Company about the actual numbers of the IoT market, and future developments.
    Full Article Here

    The Internet of things
    From: IBM Social Media
    Short desciption:  Over the past century but accelerating over the past couple of decades, we have seen the emergence of a kind of global data field. The planet itself - natural systems, human systems, physical objects - have always generated an enormous amount of data, but we didnt used to be able to hear it, to see it, to capture it. Now we can because all of this stuff is now instrumented. And its all interconnected, so now we can actually have access to it. So, in effect, the planet has grown a central nervous system.

    Anywhere: How Global Connectivity is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business
    From: Emily Green
    The last book written by Emily Green, published earlier this year, in which she tries to draw the larger picture for the reader of the consequences of the expansion of connectivity, including to more things. Chapters in particular that focus on connecting things are Chapter 4, where I discuss the coming connectedness of consumer devices, and Chapter 9, where I look at the extension of connectivity within the enterprise, including machine-to-machine applications.

    Swarm Intelligence: A Whole New Way to Think About Business
    From: Harvad Business Review
    What do ants and bees have to do with business? A great deal, it turns out. Individually, social insects are only minimally intelligent, and their work together is largely self-organized and unsupervised. Yet collectively they're capable of finding highly efficient solutions to difficult problems and can adapt automatically to changing environments.
    Full Article: http://hbr.org/2001/05/swarm-intelligence/ar/1

    The Big Idea: The Next Scientific Revolution
    From: Harvad Business Review
    A visitor walking the halls of Microsoft Research’s campus in Redmond, Washington, today is likely to overhear discussions not only about computer science but about a surprising variety of other subjects, from which way a galaxy rotates, to a new AIDS vaccine, to strategies for managing the planet’s precious supply of fresh water.
    Full Article: http://hbr.org/2010/11/the-big-idea-the-next-scientific-revolution/ar/1

    Sensors and sensibilities
    From: The Economist
    Short desciption:  A special report on smart system.
    Full Article: http://www.economist.com/node/17388338

    Four Implications of the Internet of Things for Business 
    From: Daily innovation with John Sviokla
    The IoT has four implication for Business:
          1.- Those who have a superior virtual value chain will be more efficient
          2.- There will be crazy new applications that have fascinating, unintended consequences
          3.- There will be a torrent of data to digest
          4.- All companies will need to worry about their privacy policy

    The Evolving Internet, Driving forces, uncertainties and four scenarios to 2025
    From: Cisco, GBN
    It is offered as a contribution to ongoing discussions and efforts to harness the huge potential of Internet and IP networks to drive economic and human development around the world. This is of particular relevance to emerging-market countries where the relatively low level of Internet use today reveals a wide opportunity gap in terms of economic productivity and social inclusion.
    Full Article: http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/2010/ekits/Evolving_Internet_GBN_Cisco_2010_Aug_rev2.pdf

    Rise of the Embedded Internet
    From: Intel
    Various forces, including political, economic and social, are driving the need to tightly couple embedded devices and sensors with established applications, such as healthcare, production planning and social networking. The result is the Embedded Internet, which will create new opportunities and technical challenges, many of which are addressed by Intel® silicon products and platform technologies
    Full Article: http://download.intel.com/pressroom/kits/embedded/pdfs/ECG_WhitePaper.pdf

    Smart Products, Smarter Services: Strategies for Embedded Control
    From: Mary Cronin
    It goes into much more detail about smart things; in particular chapter 2 looks at the ecosystems that support them, and chapter 9 touches on privacy issues.

    GlowCaps: connected pill bottles
    From: Forbes

    Short desciption:  From a pill-bottle cap that calls your druggist to GPS locator shoes, high-tech ideas to help seniors are proliferating.

    Full Article: http://www.forbes.com/2010/09/15/high-tech-keeps-seniors-safe-personal-finance-nanatech-gadgets.html

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