What is Bundlr?

We're afoot with an information overload. New sources and mediums are emerging and each specialist is finding his way through everything being published online. But we're lacking the tools to quickly select the best we find on the web, organize and share it.

With Bundlr you can select the most relevant content about your favorite topics, be it photos, videos, tweets, presentations or articles.

Research for a work assignment, pick your favorite music videos, cover real-time breaking news or wrap up an event are just some examples of things you can do.

How it works

With Bundlr you can create bundles with any kind of content: articles, photos, videos, tweets, quotes and links. Real-time breaking news from your sources, event wrap ups with a collection of online feedback, a selection of the most relevant content on your area of expertise.

Using “Bundle This!”, Bundlrʼs browser button, you can clip content while you browse the Internet. Just press the button to save the content you want, and the meta-data around it, to the bundle you pick. Each bundle has its own public webpage you can share freely (through its link or on social networks) or even embed on any website.




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